How to Make an Easy Felt Apple Pie – Fall Sensory Play

Cooler weather means apple picking, giant pumpkins, and falling leaves! Fall is one of my favorite seasons for sensory play because there are so many different colors, shapes, and textures to incorporate in your activities with your kids! This CRAZY simple tutorial will show you how to make an easy felt apple pie for your fall sensory play time! No glueing, no sewing, literally only cutting and playing!

preschool apple play sensory activity

Felt Apple Pie Materials:

Light Brown Felt or Fleece Fabric
Pie Tin (dollar tree is great for this!)
Apples (we used Attribute Apples but you can even use our printable paper apples below)
Optional: Hot Glue and printed apples

Felt Apple Pie Directions:

brown felt in pie pan

Step 1: Lay out your brown felt (or fabric) over the top of your pie pan. You can literally leave it laying in your pie tin while you cut! This really is the hardest part! (which really isn’t that difficult, just a little tricky!)

brown felt in pie pan craft

Step 2: Cut your brown felt just above the pie pan while pressing it down inside the pan so that the felt mimics a pie crust! You can trim any jagged uneven edges after you’ve cut your excess fabric off. I like to leave my felt taller than the pie tin because then kids can position it as they want to. I just SNIP SNIP SNIP and chop off everything and then fix it.

green red and yellow apples play food

Step 3: Collect your pretend play food apples! We used our Attribute Apples but you can print our our free printable apples of different sizes below and laminate them or use any other play food apples you have in the house! I usually can find a bag or so of home decor apples at my local thrift store around fall too.

pretend play apple pie craft

Step 4: Cut rough strips of brown felt our of your excess material. These strips should generally be about the same size but you can see above that really any size or shape will do. These are your “pie crust strips” used to cover your felt apple pie.

play food apples in pie pan

Step 5: PLAY TIME! Now your felt apple pie is ready to play with! Don’t forget to grab your oven mitts! Toss all your apples inside….

adding crust on apple pie play

………then practice creating a lattice of felt “pie crust” on the top! This is great for sensory play AND fine motor skills as creating a weave of pie crust on the top can be tricky! If you have very young children playing with this you can pre-glue the lattice strips together so that they just have one large pie crust top to flip off the pie.

felt 3d apple pie

No need for anything fancy – you’re ready to play with your pretend felt apple pie! This makes a fantastic activity for your kids to do in the kitchen next to you while you are baking fall apple pies! Or better yet, let the kids help you create the real apple pies and then they can play with this one while your pies are cooking!

colorful apples in felt apple pie

This felt pie play food can be used for any type of pie! Toss in pretend blueberries, peaches, or other fruits & veggies to play with! Let their imagination go wild!

PRINT Fall Apples HERE: Printable Apples of Different Sizes


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